ideal thru-feed centerless grinding

Centerless Grinding

Centerless grinding has been a core of our business for over 40 years. Precision centerless grinding is a tough skill to master, but our team has developed proven processes that allow them to excel. We have a dedicated and experienced group of supervisors and mentors that empower their team members to strive to improve results every day. Our people make the difference.


Higher quality surface finishes and precise OD tolerances for entire bar length resulting in a superior finished product. Grinding after heat treating eliminates distortion resulting in a higher quality finished part.


Thru-feed Grinding and In-feed Grinding

In thru-feed centerless grinding, the workpiece is fed through the grinding wheels completely, entering on one side and exiting on the opposite. The regulating wheel in thru-feed grinding is angled away from the plane of the grinding wheel in such a way as to provide a lateral force component, feeding the workpiece between the two wheels.

In-feed centerless grinding is used to grind workpieces with relatively complex shapes, such as a shoulder bolt.

It is typically faster and more economical than multi-step grinding processes.

ideal thru-feed centerless grinding

Centerless grinding

Our centerless grinding Department consists of a Cincinnati No. 2 Centerless Grinder set up for Thru-Feed Cylindrical Grinding.

We can handle material from .250" up to 4" diameter up to 12 ft. long. Ideal Machining & Supply handles many different types on materials and is capable of holding very tight tolerances.

Why Centerless Grinding?

In cylindrical grinding, understanding the process is relatively straightforward. A workpiece, supported by centers or a chuck, is rotated against the grinding wheel, which is fed in a prescribed distance radially (plunge grinding) or traversed axially across the workpiece to create the desired OD dimension. On the centerless grinder there are no centers, so it would appear that there is no means to control the workpiece size or roundness. However, quite the opposite is true. Centerless grinding will achieve roundness, surface finish and dimensional tolerances that are among the best available in metalworking.

Moreover, the process is able to improve the roundness of out-of-round workpiece blanks.

Since 1983 we have been providing our customers with quality work and dependable lead times at a price they can afford. No job is too big or too small. Whether you have one piece or a large production run, Ideal Centerless Grinding is sure to get the job done right. We work with exotic metals, plastics, aluminum, stainless, and any other material that you need ground.